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Why does my company need brand development?

Having a successful, well-known brand reinforces awareness of your products and services. It builds brand loyalty, improves recognition of the company, creates trust with your target customers and increases your financial value. A strong brand is the face and voice of the business, and it requires careful planning and execution to develop. Building a brand means building brand equity in your company. The longer a company consistently promotes its brand, the more valuable and effective that brand equity becomes. Learn More About Branding Development

What is core messaging and how is that important?

Your core message is the main piece of information you want people to know about your company – what you do, why you do it and what you believe in. It’s important because it identifies what you stand for, how you are different from your competitors and why your audience should care. It also forms the basis for all marketing communications, so you need to be clear from the start about what you’re saying. Learn More About Core Messaging

Is there really still value in brand logo design and identity creation?

Creating a custom logo that’s unique captures the spirit and culture of your business and sets the tone for your company. It’s a principal branding element that represents the identity and personality of your company. A logo becomes synonymous with your identity, and the marketplace uses it to indicate the value of your products and services.

I already have a brand, so what’s the point of rebranding?

Companies that have been around for a while often find their audiences, positioning and market share has changed over time. Mergers and expansions alter your identity, you rethink your business model or your look is simply out of style. Even if you had a strong brand to begin with, a rebranding or brand refresh is often a good opportunity to successfully update and reposition the business. With well-established and proven processes, you can rejuvenate your image, your staff and your sales results. Learn More About Rebranding

What’s important when it comes to website design?

Small companies often think all they need in a website is a page or two giving their name and contact information. Nothing could be further than the truth, and important factors include the site architecture, operational speed, user friendliness, analytical capabilities, search engine optimization and quality of content. As a professional marketing and branding and website design company, our team takes cognizance of all these aspects to create an online presence for you that delivers results. Learn More About Website Design

Why should I do competitor research?

The main reason to analyze your competitors’ marketing is to determine the strengths and weaknesses of their strategies. This enables you to plan your own marketing to improve in areas where they may be ahead of you. Competitor keyword research helps to ensure when prospective clients are searching for products and services, your company has an equal chance of showing up in the results. Learn More About Competitor Research

What does brand activation mean and how do I do it?

It’s one thing to have a good brand identity, but if your target audience doesn’t know about it you won’t attract much revenue. Brand activation is the methods you use to bring your brand to the attention of people, driving consumer engagement through interaction and experiences with the brand. It brings your brand to life for the target audience and helps build emotional connections with them. Learn More About Brand Activation

Does my company need to implement brand maintenance practices?

Once you have a strong, active brand in your marketplace it’s important to keep up the momentum. Brand maintenance ensures you don’t fall behind your competitors, that you constantly review your performance, identify areas of weakness and develop strategies to address them. Every touchpoint with customers needs to be a consistent reflection of your brand. It keeps your company moving forward on your roadmap to success. Learn More About Brand Maintenance

Should I be doing content marketing and if so, why?

Quality content is the hub around which a strong digital presence revolves. It provides the opportunity to build up your reputation in your industry. It keeps your website fresh by publishing new material on a regular basis, and it gives your followers something new to share and engage with each time you post. Without content marketing your website will be static and stale. Learn More About Content Marketing

Is search engine optimization (SEO) really such a big deal for smaller companies?

Yes, it is. SEO levels the playing fields between small and large companies, because every well-planned, correctly-optimized website stands an equal chance of being found in search results. Although other factors such as pay-per-click advertising also affect performance, organic search is the number one way businesses are found. For example, even in the case of small, hyper-local companies based in Raleigh, SEO greatly increases your chances of being found. Learn More About SEO

Why should I work with a marketing agency?

Few people can wear multiple hats at the same time. Whatever your line of business, even if you’re an expert in marketing it’s difficult to handle both your day to day responsibilities and develop marketing strategies, plans and the production of deliverables all at the same time.. By outsourcing your marketing to an experienced agency, you gain a valuable and experienced resource for your team without the ongoing cost of employing a full time person.

How do you charge for your services?

All our contracts are based on individual proposals, depending on whether you require ad hoc marketing services or full campaign management. Fees may be calculated per hour, per project or on a monthly retainer basis for specific services.

How much will using your marketing agency cost for me?

The best way to determine what our services will cost is to contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation to find out what we can do for you. At that point, we’ll ask you a series of questions and provide you with our recommendations and a proposal for achieving your goals.

What sort of return will I get on my investment?

While these figures differ across industries, research shows when a company invests between 3 and 10 percent of its annual revenue in marketing, returns are typically noticeable and measurable. While many factors go into calculating your marketing ROI, with consistent branding and marketing rollouts, you can be certain you won’t lose over the long term.

How long will it take to see results?

Timeframes depend on the type of marketing we are contracted to perform. For each standalone project, we work with our clients to provide them with the most meaningful reports and KPIs for their business. If we manage your marketing on a monthly retainer basis, you will receive a monthly debrief outlining the activities and results for a specific period. Read some of our testimonials from satisfied clients here to find out how they experienced results.

Will I be able to approve everything you do before you do it?

We work with our clients every step of the way to identify your needs, create a sound marketing strategy aimed at fulfilling your objectives and bringing you the revenue and growth you want. Nothing is published without your full approval, unless we reach a point where you give us the go-ahead to act on your behalf.

Can you do all my marketing functions for me or will I need someone else to do a percentage of them?

As a full-service agency we can provide the resources for every aspect of your marketing. Our diverse team includes creative talent in every field of marketing strategy, advertising, communications and media buying, and any skills we don’t have in-house we will acquire as needed. Whatever your scenario, from assisting with production needs to outsourcing your entire marketing department, we plug right in where it’s best for our clients.

What is the first step and when can we start?

Your first step is to let us know you’re in need of marketing support. Please complete and submit our contact form, or give us a call at 919.460.7978. We’ll set up your free, no-obligation consultation to gather information about your business and see how we can help you build your company and boost your bottom line.

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