The Marketing Machine Celebrating 15 Years of Helping Customers Grow Their Businesses

Raleigh-Based Creative Services Agency Sees Continuing Need for Comprehensive Branding and Marketing Expertise, Strategy

RALEIGH, N.C.–Innovative creative services agency The Marketing Machine ( is celebrating its 15th year of helping customers grow their businesses through comprehensive branding strategy and targeted buzz-building campaigns.

This impressive milestone marks a long journey from a one-man operation providing small businesses with consistency in their marketing efforts, to a fully staffed hybrid agency model serving clients large and small in a wide variety of fields, including healthcare, law, software, retail and other B2B business, as well as non-profits.

“Whereas ‘traditional’ agencies rise and fall based purely on their ability to sign a great number of clients, deliver products and then walk away, The Marketing Machine succeeds by getting to know our clients and their businesses, and becoming a valued, long-term member of their internal team,” Paul Spinak, company president, said.

When Spinak launched the company in 1998, he did so to create an environment for doing what he liked to do, while retaining control over his time. He has always considered himself a critical thinker with a creative edge, finding balance in applying it to a business where he can share his unique skills with others.

“Although my day-to-day has changed substantially, I still serve as creative director, touching all the work that flows through the agency for continuity, and, to be quite honest, for pure pleasure,” he said, adding, “Through The Marketing Machine, I have a professional creative outlet to help businesses grow and develop into what they want to be. Honestly, I feel lucky and grateful.”

Over the years, The Marketing Machine’s strength and knowledge have been based on the diversity of its clients, and as a result, the agency has surrounded itself with a talented group of people with varying skill sets.

These marketing and branding professionals have developed effective tools and methodologies to take a project from concept to marketplace with corporate branding, direct mail, email marketing, graphic design, website design, advertising campaigns and marketing collateral.

The services The Marketing Machine provides to its clients are diverse, exemplified by businesses like CenterEdge Software, a nationally renowned entertainment facility solutions provider. This long-term account started with email marketing and transitioned into a complete name rebrand, eventually evolving even further to where The Marketing Machine is handling all of the CenterEdge outreach and marketing budget.

Another client, the AKC Canine Health Foundation, needed help to move forward in the promotion of its new Canine Athlete Fund initiative. The Marketing Machine helped the organization launch the initiative to raise money for researchers focusing on developing proper conditioning, nutrition, training and rehabilitation specific to the growing number of canine athletes, and the agency continues to assist the AKC with quarterly newsletters and tapping into new markets for fundraising.

The Marketing Machine’s services are sought after by clients for numerous reasons, according to Spinak, not least of which is for the firm’s expertise in managing resources. The AKC Canine Health Foundation, for example, has a fully qualified in-house marketing staff, but more initiative and drive than they can handle. Instead of pouring resources into hiring more staff, they outsource to The Marketing Machine to accomplish their goals effectively, on-time and within budget.

Creative services is another hallmark The Marketing Machine is known for, according to Spinak, who pointed to clients like CenterEdge Software being run by smart, technology-oriented individuals who may not have the creative chops of someone who lives and breathes graphic design and branding for a living.

“As much as we’re known for our creative abilities and experience managing resources, it’s our flexibility that sets us apart,” he said, adding, “Our setup as a hybrid agency is a direct reflection of the flexibility that businesses need to have. Just as someone like the AKC Canine Health Foundation needs us sometimes, but doesn’t need us others, we are able to meet their needs as they ebb and flow.”

Moving into its next 15 years, The Marketing Machine is committed to continuing to address every project with open communication and a high level of professionalism. Taking great pains to invest in talented staff and supportive technological resources to ensure each client’s project is managed in a thoughtful, timely manner, the agency’s staff and leadership is focused on ensuring that each customer gets individualized attention in the areas of creative, production, traffic control, account coordination, strategy and project management. With a talented account executive leading the way, The Marketing Machine’s award-winning, in-house creative team carefully blends knowledge, experience and technical know-how with unparalleled imagination and originality to craft ideal marketing and branding solutions, on-time and on-budget.

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