People and search engines love skilled copywriting and content writing

For clients who want to take their marketing to new heights, stepping out of the copywriter role is often both a revelation…and a relief! Copywriting is part art, part science and always essential to marketing success—especially now that “relevance” is such a critical factor in how your web pages are ranked by search engines.

But many clients, despite their in-depth knowledge about their business, industry and/or customers, get stalled by writing the content for their website, blogs, ads, brochures or direct mail. Writing sales copy, or developing content that reflects the “how and what” that your customers are looking for isn’t easy.

A copywriter extracts what people need to know, and turns it into words that work.

Copywriters learn to be quick studies when it comes to new industries, digging quickly into the essential terminology, sales levers and key concepts so they can stand in your prospects’ or customers’ shoes, allowing them to focus your materials directly on their needs. They have chameleon-like tendencies that enable them to adopt a new voice—your company’s brand voice—as easily as a skilled actor. They know what buttons to push to make each medium work hardest.

Your marketing program need not be held hostage by a lack of the right words. Just give us a call and we’ll provide you with cost-effective options for design and copy that will drive your business forward powerfully.

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