The right choices for your printing can make or break your results

Less time, better results through complete printing management

Your marketing strategy is nailed, your unique logo and creative design ready to launch…now you need to get the printing and production underway! As a full-service advertising and marketing agency, we have the experience and the passion to make sure your finished product is up to snuff, and won’t bust your budget.

Choosing the right commercial printer for your job varies significantly depending on the factors influencing the project’s specs: The target audience you want to influence, the printing process that will create the desired finished product, the format of the paper and any folds, and your budget, to name a few.

The Marketing Machine offers clients specialized expertise in the full range of print production management, including relationships with a variety of commercial printers large and small, local and national. And we triple-bid to ensure that everyone remains competitive—then pass the best options on to you. (Of course if you have a favorite printer, let us know and we will be glad to speak with them.)

Much of the value we bring to so many of our clients is in managing the devilish details:

  • Selecting paper stocks that will produce the desired effect and quality.
  • Understanding each printers’ specific strengths and weaknesses.
  • Ensuring everyone has the right specifications for each print job (paper stocks, presses, coatings, specialty details like embossing or die cuts).
  • Appropriately setting up the files for the printer to use, so that the finished product prints the way everyone expects them to.
  • Often reviewing and proofreading printers’ press proofs, looking for any details that might mar the finished look of your piece.
  • Managing vendor relationships to ensure the best quality product, on time and on budget, every time.
  • And of course, so many of our clients enjoy having that print management time off their plates so they can focus on other projects that only they can dig into…(and we bet you’ll like that too).

For more information about how adding print production management to your TMM project mix can benefit both your time and bottom line, just contact Paul Spinak today at 919-460-7978.

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