Project Management

Keep your perspective, and your cool, with project management back-up

Our not-so-secret project management weapons

Often companies in expansion mode have a talented in-house marketing director to define and guide the enterprise to its next success level…and possibly even a small support team to put ideas in action. But they quickly discover that during rapid growth it’s almost impossible to manage every aspect of every project and still keep their heads above water!

Many of our clients who find themselves in this situation turn to us for cost-effective project management, including everything from overseeing their marketing campaign details to shepherding individual marketing tasks through each project-management phase.

In addition to a team of experienced project managers who will be assigned to your service, we’ve added a few extras that ensure our productivity and effectiveness are high:

  • The whole agency uses a comprehensive project-management system specifically designed for streamlining creative-project and agency workflow. From communicating job requirements to staying on schedule, tracking changes to monitoring costs, we’re able to keep your project flowing (and provide you with essential reminders, as needed).
  • Our production manager is dedicated to every client, coordinating schedules as well as managing the printing and production aspects of every project.

Delegating project management is one of the first essential steps marketing directors must take to make room for growth. Ask us how to put our team to work for you.

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