Promotional Products

Create a stir with useful and imaginative promotional products

Streamline your promotional item efforts: call in TMM reinforcements

Promotional products are items that feature your logo, tagline, web address and/or phone number to help remind people about your brand. Many of our clients solicit our help in choosing and ordering promotional products that support their branding efforts—such as thank you gifts or giveaways (e.g., branded mugs, magnets, notepads, pens or mousepads), or any of thousands of customized products that can be used to strengthen a particular advertising campaign.

A professional image and repetition in branding help keep your company fresh in your prospects’ and customers’ minds, making it easier to prevent competitors from making inroads—especially when coupled with other marketing efforts. Promotional products can be highly cost-effective tools when correctly incorporated into your marketing plan.

When used as part of a direct marketing campaign, promotional products can help you stand out in the mail, get your piece opened and (if you’ve chosen wisely) stay visible long after the remaining materials may have found their way to the circular file. In some instances, a savvy selection of a low-cost promotional product can even help trigger repeat purchases.

There are thousands upon thousands of brandable products available in hundreds of online catalogs. That can add up to a whole lot of searching time—and you still need to choose an item that successfully hooks in to your message concept! Save yourself some time and effort and give us a call instead.

Whether you need a handful of specialty items for a high-impact direct mail piece, or high-volume branded products for a tradeshow, event or customer retention campaign, The Marketing Machine team can help you:

  • Brainstorm, research and match the right promotional item to your need, so you achieve your goal and stay on budget.
  • Provide copy and/or design to customize your item professionally.
  • Coordinate all steps in the order process so you can focus your attention elsewhere.

If you would like to discuss ways to incorporate promotional products into your upcoming marketing efforts, please let us know!

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