Media Buying/Planning

“The medium is the message.”
–Marshall McLuhan

Go big or go small? Billboards or digital banner ads? Front load your media buy or allocate evenly over time? What about multiple market considerations when your business is in different cities or states? How do you plan when you’re advertising to mixed customer bases? What percentage of the budget do you allocate toward retention versus acquisition? These are just a few of the many complexities of media planning and buying, and where The Marketing Machine can help you make smart decisions.

Here’s the overall golden nugget…one media channel is not necessarily better than another.

Achieving success is really about investing in the channels that make most sense for your business. A mobile campaign is only as trendy as the work and message that gets pushed out through it. Being on “social” will not instantly generate results if your campaign fails to deliver its message simply and creatively. In other words, tell a story, tell it well and tell it in the right places. Then, good stuff happens.

Helping you get the most out of your media plan and budget. It’s what we do.


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