Search Engine Optimization

Prepare to optimize.

Type “search engine optimization” into Google and you are likely to elicit roughly 70,100,000 results at last count. What works? What doesn’t? Where do you begin? Who to trust? And therein lies the problem. Our industry is awash in digital hucksters all claiming to have a secret and patented formula for optimizing SEO.

We don’t.

For us, SEO is all about engaging the audience. It’s about developing an intelligent content strategy and writing copy that is honest and meaningful to the reader. It is not about keyword dumps.

With our clients, we look for ways to include tags and links in all the right places, and help take your customers and followers on a journey — from social to website and back again — never leaving your orbit.

Simply put, by continually developing content that is fresh, relevant and frequently updated and indexed, we can effectively boost organic search, increase interaction and time spent, and drive conversion. It’s that simple.



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