Develop Your Brand

Since 1998, The Marketing Machine has been building memorable brands from the ground up as well as redirecting others that may have lost their way.

We believe that a successful brand will consistently deliver upon and reinforce its essence with every communication, touchpoint and interaction. Volvo is safety. Disney is fun family entertainment. BMW is The Ultimate Driving Machine®. What’s your brand? Also, we believe that a brand is more than just the collective sum of its visual elements. A brand’s promise should be embodied equally in how it does business, in the way its people speak and in the distinct personality of its employees and champions. Turning the lens on ourselves, our clients, colleagues and friends would likely say that The Marketing Machine’s brand is scrappy, edgy and unafraid of grease under the nails. Don’t underestimate us. We’re a highly polished human toolbox of designers, creative directors and marketing experts who work as one, etching everything we do in creativity. Our crew makes the difference.

What does your brand look like? What does it sound like? What does it make people think and feel? Let’s talk about it.

What does brand development entail?

Learn more about the specific functions that lead to effective brand development:


Logo/Identity Creation

Our seasoned designers craft hot custom logo designs from scratch that encapsulate a brand’s entire identity and soul. We develop meaningful logos and identity with depth and longevity. It’s more than a cool graphic or pretty picture.



Ready to shed the old skin? Need to find a new name and voice? Together, we can completely reimagine your logo and reframe your vision. Let’s rebrand your company from the ground up and position you for success.


Business Discovery

What’s true? What are the fundamental characteristics of your company, its history, people and overall vision? Let us identify and isolate those core truths and turn them into a bounty of creative riches.


Marketing Plans

A good strategy has a clearly defined path to guide creative toward the ultimate goal. Wingin’ it is never an effective strategy. From campaigns to rebrands to expansions, we always have a plan.


Advertising/Marketing Budget Development

Let us analyze how you spend and allocate your marketing dollars. Then, leverage our years of experience to make every one of your dollars work harder and smarter.


Core Messaging

We’ll go through an exhaustive insight-finding process to develop a messaging document that captures who you are, what you do and most importantly, why you do it. This foundational document becomes the northern star of your brand’s vernacular.


Brand Inventory

We’ll conduct a full audit and brand assessment, meeting with key stakeholders in and out of your organization, analyzing processes and internalizing your company’s mission and vision. What works? What doesn’t? Where’s the hidden opportunity?



Let’s take the guesswork out. Let’s explore new technology, channels, vendors, competitors and markets. Let’s understand your customers and what they’re thinking.


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