Brand Inventory/Assessment

Let’s see where you’ve been and then chart a course for new adventures.

One of our many areas of expertise is helping clients take stock of their brand and plan for the future.

We’ll perform an audit and analysis of your website. We’ll do a site visit of your brick and mortar stores (if applicable). We pore over all your old brochures and ads. We’ll analyze your company’s position in the marketplace, your mission and long-term vision and how you’re perceived by employees, customers and partners. One thing we always ask is: “How do you answer the phone?”

Is everything aligned? Does your brand speak in a singular voice? Is there continuity from one touch point to another?

Once we have a clear picture of where you’ve been and where you are, we can provide the right guidance and advice. Ultimately, our goal is to help develop tactical and meaningful creative work that steers you toward new opportunities, new customers and greater profitability.

What are the outcomes of a TMM Brand Inventory/Assessment?

  • Increased awareness and accountability of your brand.
  • Optimized business and strategic marketing plans.
  • More internal cohesiveness among employees.
  • Enhanced service and value propositions.
  • The insight to position for success.


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