Maintain Your Brand

The saying goes, if you’re not growing, you’re dying. In order to grow, it’s vital to push forward, to polish the user experience, to venture into new markets — and doing so requires constant attention to your marketing.

That’s where we come in.

Launching an initiative or going live with new work is half the battle. The key to any successful brand, website, marketing or advertising campaign launch is having the ability to monitor effectiveness over time, learn from results and make adjustments when necessary.

At The Marketing Machine, it’s never pencils down. We never stop tinkering and are always looking for ways to do it better, brighter, faster and smarter. Our brains don’t shut down for the day at 5 p.m. If we’re working for you and your brand, then we are truly working for you. Your biggest challenges become ours and we don’t stop. Cue Rocky music here.

From expert project management to website updates to ongoing graphic design, you’ll never miss an opportunity. The Marketing Machines delivers the talent, professionalism and experience you need to stay on top of your game.

We don’t believe in rust (we just love how beautiful it looks). We never let things get dated or tired. With TMM in your corner, your work remains fresh, original and always relevant.

The Marketing Machine has what it takes to maintain your brand and help you succeed:


Graphic Design

Keep them in the palm of your hand with smart design. Capture people’s attention, visually engage them and guide them through your message. Emails, newsletters and collateral all need to be tight and aligned.


Website Updates

While your mission and long-term vision anchor your brand, your website is a living, breathing animal that needs frequent updating with news, info, happenings and more. Remember a website’s never done. We’re on it.


Data Tracking & Analysis

Rather than relying on a spray-and-pray approach, we prefer to take insights gleaned from advanced analytics tools so that we can create informed, purposeful campaigns. Don’t worry, we’ll let you look under the hood.


Advertising Vendor Management

TMM becomes your single point of contact for all things advertising-related, freeing you up to stay focused on running your day-to-day business. Let us review media kits, manage vendor phone calls, talk shop and negotiate on your behalf.


Project Management

Our project management team, led by your account executive, will keep you out of the weeds with a workflow system that keep jobs moving, makes sure deadlines are met and helps you cross the finish line, every time, on budget.


Budget Maintenance

Once a working budget is in place and put it into action, the budget management doesn’t stop there. We’ll keep up with it, looking for new efficiencies, updating paperwork, helping you make re-allocation decisions should new opportunities arise and so on.



Good copywriting extracts what people need to know and turns it into simple words that work wonders. Let us tell your brand story, shine a light on your key services or transform facts and data into copy that inspires and incites people to action.



When it comes to turning design on a page into something real, our tentacles reach far and wide and our resources run deep. We bid jobs with multiple vendors, always looking for the right combination of turn time, quality and affordability. From spec sheets to print checks and beyond, execution and implementation are always flawless.


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