About Us

Introducing The Marketing Machine

The Marketing Machine first revved its engines in 1998 when founder and “Head Mechanic” Paul Spinak opened ‘er up as a one-man operation, offering marketing consulting, project management and design services in conjunction with a bevy of talented alliance partners.

From that day to the present, the goal has always been the same: To represent you and your product, service or brand in a creative and professional manner at all times. We want our clients to stand out among their competition and get noticed for their strengths. Growing your bottom line, however, is just as critical to our team, so we’ll quickly aim to home in on the benefits you deliver to your targeted market.

Regardless of your budget, regardless of your size, you can be 100% certain you’ll never get plain vanilla work from us…unless vanilla happens to be your brand.

The majority of our clients are marketing directors who rely on our core team as an extension of their company. By assisting them with project management—from briefing to development, from production to finished execution—they have more time to support more innovation and business growth projects internally.

Who’s the Head Mechanic at The M Machine? Paul Spinak…

Paul Spinak

Paul has lived in the Triangle for over 20 years, but was originally a Jersey boy. Myth has it that the town he grew up in, Twin Rivers, was a truly magical place filled with kids, common grounds to play on and parents who were all New York transplants. There was always something going on just outside the house or at most just a bike ride away.

His earliest influences were The Fonz, Evel Knievel and Bugs Bunny. Through them, he picked up the skills of confidence, risk taking—and the subtle art of sarcasm. Paul’s first clear career aspiration was to be a demolition derby driver. Of course, he was only five when he had this epiphany. His parents, not fond of the “crash ‘em up” dream, were quite thankful he instead developed an entrepreneurial spirit at a young age. During the 70s gas crisis, Paul (age 10) earned money by riding his bike to the convenience store for people who were stuck in gas lines. In 5th grade, he sold firecrackers to classmates (and got in trouble doing so!). Let’s just say he was the kid with the lemonade stand.

He admits to not being much of a student in high school, but he’s quick to say he had plenty of fun and made several lifelong friends along the way. Paul’s dad, the real influence, suggested he go to college for marketing. And since Paul didn’t have a better plan, that was the path he chose to follow. Paul learned his craft of marketing/advertising from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI.

After college, Paul quickly got some industry experience under his belt. But it wasn’t long before the itch for entrepreneurial independence emerged yet again, leading to the birth of The Marketing Machine. Simultaneously, Paul was the drummer for Fat Head Otis, a favorite Raleigh rock band. He lived this double life of business owner and rock star (yeah right!) until the band’s somewhat gracious demise in 2006.

With more time on his hands and a revived interest in seeing TMM achieve its full potential, Paul opened his arms and mind and took on a couple of partners to begin his new chapter. Expansion has led to a history of success with larger industry-specific clients like health-care practices, software manufacturers, engineering firms and national associations, as well as to growing brick and mortar businesses like restaurants, retail and professional service providers.

Hybrid agency syncs up with its natural downtown vibe

Today’s Marketing Machine has grown to be one of a new breed of hybrid agencies, designed to ensure clients receive the best thinking, creativity and skills available, while keeping fixed expenses down so clients get access to this talent more affordably. Our downtown office is centrally located to best serve clients all around the Triangle (though we have worked with clients all around the world). We also enjoy being able to tap into the ever-growing energy of Raleigh’s vibrant business and creative scene—and get a dose of live music from time to time, too.

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