Content Marketing

Content is king.

Content marketing is a term that often gets thrown around, and people may have different interpretations of what it really means.

At The Marketing Machine, we define it as all the words and language associated with your brand. It’s all the content in emails, brochures, on your website, in your blog articles, etc. In fact, we believe that content marketing even extends to non-consumer-facing touch points. The content of an email that a salesperson sends to a prospect is also content marketing, and should be aligned with everything else.

Typically, when setting out to develop a new content strategy for a client, we collect all assets that are out in the world and analyze a cross section of your current communications. Then, the rubber meets the road with a clear, thoughtful and well-defined content strategy.

In the end, everyone within your organization should be able to speak and write in a voice that is consistent with your overall content marketing strategy.

Let’s create a strategic and relevant customer conversation that never ends.


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