Social Media Marketing

Let’s get social.

Today, almost every growing company has a Facebook page. They’re on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and every other critical platform. But a social presence alone without a well-thought-out social strategy is unlikely to galvanize your audiences and move the needle.

At The Marketing Machine, we believe in using social media to engage, to incite action, spur conversation, elicit candid feedback, immortalize ideas and monetize products and services.

Our team will tailor your message to an individual platform and help you establish a “social voice” that’s consistent with your overall core message. We look for opportunities to recruit new followers and turn existing followers into raving fans.

TMM can incorporate social media into your existing brand engagement or as a standalone initiative. Details of the engagement may include any or all of the following deliverables: 

  • Social audience analysis
  • Audit of current social media presence and practices
  • Monthly maintenance of social channels, including ads, editorial posts, blog articles and more
  • Creation of a social media visual library, including logos, imagery and photography
  • A revitalized social strategy focused on driving sales and strengthening loyalty
  • Social iconography and/or badges


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