Photo + Video

Photography that wows.

At The Marketing Machine, we have a full-time, in-house photographer on staff, and for our clients, that’s a real game changer. Having this capability enables us to shoot everything from product shots, to buildings and locations, to corporate headshots, quickly and affordably. Furthermore, all photography produced in-house is professionally color corrected and Photoshopped to create the exact look and effect you seek.

Clients retain all rights to the photography we produce in-house. That means you can use it wherever and whenever you like, without paying additional fees or usage rights every time.

A deep bench of talent.

Also, we work with a stable of outside commercial photographers when the job demands it. We have relationships with some of the best hired guns in the business, and we can produce everything from lifestyle photography to situational, humor, portrait and more.

Video that excites.

Many of our clients have video needs, and we have the technology and resources to deliver amazing results, fast. From 15-second preroll video to 30-second TV commercials, from product demonstration videos to two-minute brand films, we do it all — from concept to execution.

The Marketing Machine will script, produce, shoot, edit and deliver your video project, on time and on budget. Ready when you are.

Check out some creative examples of our photo/video work:

Some of Our Photo and Video Work


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